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Why Michelle Obama is addicted to Erfurt

by Felicia Pettersson | February 16, 2018
Why Michelle Obama is addicted to Erfurt

Who doesn’t love Scandinavian design?

How about Scandinavian design with royal roots, wrapped around you?

Colored by hand, woven by hand, printed by hand, sewn by hand and packed by hand. An obvious must have item for scarf lovers that want the perfect way to personalize their look. We agree with Mrs Obama, these carves are ADDICTIVE!

Erfurt luxury accessories is a Danish scarves label launched by the Danish designer Lotte Erfurt Hjorth and her husband CEO Jens Jacob Hjorth in 1997.

The name Erfurt is a family name that dates back to 1400 Europe where the Danish Queen Margrethe the 1st was given a very special present by the German Emperor of Prussia. He gave his best valet to her and since then the Crown of Denmark, Margrethe the 1st, had a royal valet with the same name; Erfurt. Given the long history with European Emperors and Royals, a special feel for excellent luxury has evolved, and through several centuries this has trickled down and contributed to the development of the brand Erfurt luxury accessories.

The design is made in Denmark, at the family mansion and country estate from 1849, situated in the gorgeous Danish countryside. The brand has a characteristic DNA of unique Scandinavian design with beautiful nuances and unique details on each scarf. The quality is high and most of the products are handmade from the design sketch to the final product, with uncompromised focus on details.

Each scarf has a beautiful hand feel and is made with natural fibers - soft and organic - ranging from wool, silk and cashmere to viscose and soft modal. The collection is among the world leading and is sold in fine International Department stores and exclusive fashion boutiques across the world.

“The scarves from erfurt are so delicious and makes you feel happy and wanted.
The creativity and quality which has been put into the product is amazing. I am absolutely addicted to them!”


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