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Why Johnny Was is the answer to almost any outfit dilemma

by Felicia Pettersson | June 9, 2017
Why Johnny Was is the answer to almost any outfit dilemma

It all started with Bob Marley.
Or perhaps more accurately, with one of his songs, that kept spinning on repeat by a Californian beach where the creators of the now globally appraised label resided. The year was 1987, when Johnny Was – was no longer just a song, but also became a street wear fashion brand.

This week we are taking a closer look at this alluring and lavish street wear designer and how it can be incorporated into almost any outfit for striking results.

Just like the ageless appeal of a great song, Johnny Was crafts clothing that crosses cultures and defies trends. Impressed by the label's intricate embroidery detail, their own original prints and high quality manufacturing, Sofia Londero owner of Quirkee Birds saw great potential for the brand in her stores.

"As one of the largest independent stockists in Australia, I truly do believe in this brand. Customers love it and it keeps performing month in and month out and I am proud to have supported it in my stores for over 10 years."

With its exquisite embroidery, luxurious fabrics and a combination of vintage and modern, the brand reflects a Californian lifestyle with effortless silhouettes that speaks to a global vision. Quirkee Birds stylist Belinda says “It’s a great brand to work with when styling someone. As soon as you add a Johnny Was piece or two to the mix of an outfit, customers are in awe. They produce very eye catching pieces”.

“The key is that Johnny Was garments are always tremendously versatile” Sofia says as she brings out a mannequin that she begins to dress “You can wear a Johnny Was dress scaled down with beaded flats or thongs for a relaxed, beach look” she demonstrates before striding through the shop collecting a range of different pieces that she then uses to re-dress the mannequin with the same dress as the key piece. “or you can dress it up a notch to a casual bohemian look with heeled boots, a denim jacket and hat…”

She takes a step back and together we admire the new outfit before she reveals the next one “…or you can wear it with jeans or leggings and a suit jacket on top, for more of a work wear.

With a smile she concludes “This means that with a piece of Johnny Was you can be whoever you want to be. And like the brand itself says: “Inspiration is wherever you find it”.

So, if you ever ask yourself:

What should I wear with my new boots to optimise the entire outfit?

The answer is: Johnny Was


What do I need to wear to guarantee a striking outfit?

The answer is: Johnny Was


What can I wear that ensures a sophisticated yet casual look while feeling comfortable?

Well. You know the answer.

Johnny Was.


Welcome in to our Bowral and Rozelle boutiques to explore your potential in this inspiring and alluring Californian designer label!