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Why bricks and mortar still is the king of fashion shopping

by Felicia Pettersson | May 25, 2017
Why bricks and mortar still is the king of fashion shopping

When the idea of online retail was still a new concept, it was met with much hesitation and scepticism, and the question was then loud and clear: “who would purchase something that they haven’t had a chance to see, touch or try on?”

Today that question seems absurd of course, as most people have made more than one online purchase by now. And with free or cheap returns online retailers seem to think that the problem is solved. However, according to the latest issue of Inside Retail Technology Magazine, when it comes to clothing bought online, the return numbers are shocking. One analyst says 17 to 25 per cent is normal, but executives at Asos and Zappos points towards 30 per cent. A rate that, by far, doubles the recorded return rate in stores made of bricks and mortar.

One question remains: Why?

Here at Quirkee Birds these peculiar numbers do not surprise.

When purchasing online you can order as many garments as you’d like, try them at home and return whatever you are unhappy with. But if they don’t look right when you finally get to try them on, it will already have cost you a lot of time, both in the online selection process as well as in waiting for its delivery, and you’re probably not going to look forward to having to go back to the post office to return it.

But it can also put a thorn in your confidence if the things purchased don’t look as good on you as you imagined. If you don’t know why, it can leave you feeling unhappy about the product - or worse, thinking that is has got something to do with you.

With the depth of care for our customers, Sofia Londero, owner of Quirkee Birds, never purchases anything for the stores that she has not been able to see a physical sample of. She says, “I have tried a few times to buy stock off photographs without a physical sample, and every time it turned out to be a mistake. I need to know exactly the shade of colour, the feel of the fabric and the shape of it so that I know that it will suit my customers and mix well with the other labels I stock.”

She continues, “It doesn’t matter how amazing the piece is if you are not sure how to match it. Every piece of clothing that you buy is an investment in yourself, and styling advice is necessary to get the most out of each piece, knowing how to mix it with your existing wardrobe. Otherwise you end up with a lot of one-off pieces that you don't know how to mix into your existing wardobe”

At Quirkee Birds we want it to be simple, convenient and a lot of fun to shop, and most importantly, make you feel confident about yourself. We want you to walk out happy, inspired and leaving with pieces that you love.

We are not just passionate about styling, it is at the core of Quirkee Birds. In order to make sure "Your feathers stand out from all the other birds’", we need to ensure that we don’t just stock the best street wear designers from all over the world, but that we can help you match them in the best way possible for your look, needs and lifestyle.

Styling is what our employees spend their every day doing, and we understand which colours and fabric, cuts and shapes work best with your body shape, skin complexion, personality, season and existing wardrobe.

With a personal stylist that has an in depth knowledge you will save hours of time and disappointment, build your self confidence and learn how you can make the most out of your shape and each piece you buy.

We stand by your side, ensuring you feel comfortable each step of the way. Free from obligation to purchase you can take full advantage of years of styling experience, enjoy personalised attention and unbeatable service. And we literally, stand by your side (if you want) guiding you through each step.

And that is, quite simply, why we have such minimal returns in our Quirkee Birds stores.