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Why American Vintage? Because don’t just wear basics. Wear extraordinary basics!

by Felicia Pettersson | August 9, 2017
Why American Vintage? Because don’t just wear basics. Wear extraordinary basics!

It was 8 years ago that the internationally cherished label American Vintage first entered the Quirkee Birds store, and since then this popular French brand keeps ruling the racks of our stores, wardrobes and hearts. Why? Well; few, if any, have managed to reinvent staple-wear with success comparable to American Vintage. And we all need basics, so why not wear extraordinary basics?

In the ongoing search for new materials and intelligent blends of natural fibres that makes for a fine, delicate wrap for the body, Mickaël Azoulay founded American Vintage in 2005. By celebrating the comfort and simplicity of staple garments, each collection produced by American Vintage focusses on the basics. As such, they create fashion pieces out of everyday, ready-to-wear garments that convey the confidence and effortless, natural beauty associated with a fulfilled woman feeling good about her body and her life in general, regardless of her age.

When I ask Sofia Londero, owner of Quirkee Birds, what she thinks makes this label so popular, her response is enthusiastic: “Well, with American Vintage a tee is not just a tee, it’s designed to flatter the figure! And they use amazing cotton and linen slubs to do so.”

She continues: “That I keep supplying a label for 8 years (and counting!) certainly indicates that they haven’t ceased to impress in the categories my customers and I value the most; great quality fabrics, an unusually high level of comfort on your skin and the most exciting part; catchy statement pieces!’’


The brand new spring/summer collection by American Vintage has just hit our Rozelle store,
so get ready for the seasonal change with outstanding fashion pieces like polka dot dresses
and all in one jumpsuits amongst updated basics and much, much more!