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What it takes to create stunning and truly unique streetwear

by Felicia Pettersson | July 12, 2017
What it takes to create stunning and truly unique streetwear

Maison Scotch is a label made for worldly women by the widely beloved brand Scotch&Soda. Founded in Amsterdam by Laurens Hompes back in the glorious 80’s, Scotch&Soda speaks through its extraordinary label Maison Scotch to strong and curious women all over the world. This week we scratch the surface of what it takes to create the collections of this peculiar brand. 

Each piece from Maison Scotch begin its life inside Scotch&Soda’s canal-side design studio, a former church in the heart of Amsterdam. But the art of the creation begin way before that. The creative directors and designers at Scotch&Soda are discoverers and collectors, searching the globe for paintings, poems, vintage pieces, ruins, or artefacts that inspires their boundless designs. With never-ending curiosity, treasures uncovered on worldly wanders are poured into collections and signature looks that mix eras, classics and places, combining unexpected fabrics and patterns.

''I love this brand because it is has a very unique character. Mixing elements from different fabrics, patterns, eras and cultural styles, Maison Scotch truly manages to create unique collections that make you stand out from the crowds'' Sofia explains. ''...and we want your feathers to stand out from all the other birds'!'' she exclaims with an excited smile. 

After successful years stocked solely in our Rozelle store, Maison Scotch has now, for the first time, arrived to our Bowral store! (We know you’ve been waiting...!) So welcome in to explore the results of global inspiration funnelled into stunning streetwear, brought from Amsterdam to Bowral - just for you!

x Felicia