Quirkee Birds

Unleash the vivacious you with brand new Quirkee Birds label

by Felicia Pettersson | June 21, 2017
Unleash the vivacious you with brand new Quirkee Birds label

It’s that time a year again. When the weather can make us wilt from the cold of a wet and windy day, or make us gratefully stretch out towards the sun on a bright, crisp morning. Whichever way you feel, colour usually makes it better. And with its stunning prints, vibrant colours, fun-loving tassels and intricate beading, brand new Quirkee Birds label Hemant & Nandita is a charismatic, ready-to-wear brand that is sure to brighten any mood or outfit.

“It’s a label that will make our customers beam!”, Sofia excitedly declares when I ask what made her take on this alluring Indian designer brand. “The designers have been very clever and managed to fuse traditional elements with contemporary bohemian designs and the quality is amazing.”

Born in 2004, Hemant & Nandita is created for the cosmopolitan globetrotter who never strays far from her roots. Proudly rooted in folk tradition and global awareness, the label explores international silhouettes and encourages women to experiment with style, fabric and colours.

So dare to break the winter mood and its usual plain and dark tones by unleashing the vivacious you, allowing yourself to experiment with colours and expand your personal style. And watch how it inspires and lifts your mood!

Below are some examples of the gorgeous Hemant & Nandita that have just arrived in our Rozelle store. Sizes are limited and selling out fast, so hurry in to unleash the vivacious you with this stunning and unique label! Life is too short for greyscale! 

xx Felicia