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The story about French designer label CHARLIE JOE

by Felicia Pettersson | October 20, 2017
The story about French designer label CHARLIE JOE

An urban bohemian label with contemporary lines fused with Mediterranean holiday tunes, CHARLIE JOE has wrapped our hearts and bodies in their threads. This is their story.

It was in the hot, European summer of 2000, that the two designers Muriel Jaffe and Philippe Rossi from Marseille in France, gave birth to CHARLIE JOE - their first born daughter, and their own fashion business established at the same time.

Philippe had been creating patterns for different brands since the age of 18, and was ready to embark on a new adventure - run with his wife, carrying the name of his daughter.

o this day, embroidery remain the couple's guilty pleasure and their prints always unique. The silhouettes; very feminine, loose and flowy. CHARLIE JOE pride themselves on creating harmony through each garment, whether it’s in the colors, or in the shapes. All materials used are natural and of great quality.

As time goes by, seasons change but journeys abroad, pastime clothes, old books, and frequent strolls through flea markets keep their inspiration flowing into new collections - season after season.



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