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SAVE TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATION with brand new nail polish wraps - coming soon to Quirkee Birds

by Felicia Pettersson | November 3, 2017
SAVE TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATION with brand new nail polish wraps - coming soon to Quirkee Birds

Few people are equally steady on both hands. For 99% of your day-to-day tasks, that doesn’t matter much. But for anyone who has ever tried to apply nail polish at home (or worse, attempted nail art) that fact can be enormously frustrating. If you are one of them, we’ve got some very good news for you! Imagine quality nail polish, applied at home - with NO drying time!

Beauty bloggers and industry influencers all over the world are raving about the new Australian phenomenon Personail with its life changing ease of use and wide range of nail art designs, from quirky to glamour and everything in between. 

And best of all, Personail is coming soon to Quirkee Birds!

Personail was born when an ordinary, Australian girl realised the troubles of being obsessed with nail polish and nail art, while not having the professional-steady-hands required to produce the desired results. Nail polish is high maintenance and a long, tiring process to apply. Within days (sometimes minutes!) they are chipped and ruined. Her busy lifestyle juggling full time work and study also meant she had very little time (and money) to waste on drying nail polish - whether in salon or at home!

So she created Personail. Made from real nail polish, each pack comes with 16 double-ended wraps of different sizes and all the equipment and guidance needed for the perfect manicure. It lasts up to 10 days and with a clear topcoat, you can extend it to up to 14 days!

But "How do I apply it?", I hear you say.
Few things in life are as easy! Follow the easy steps below or watch the quick 1 min video on how to wrap your nails to perfection - at home or anywhere!

These brilliant nail polish wraps are
COMING SOON to Quirkee Birds Rozelle!

Stay tuned and ready! Being the perfect (Christmas) gift for any friend,
mother, sister, daughter or inlaws, these will be flying out the door!

Below are a selection of Personail example designs!