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Mother of five with a wardrobe full of Johnny Was - This week on QUIRKEE BIRDS STORIES: Peta Gibson

by Felicia Pettersson | December 1, 2017
Mother of five with a wardrobe full of Johnny Was - This week on QUIRKEE BIRDS STORIES: Peta Gibson

One of the things that we love here at Quirkee Birds is getting to know all of you wonderful women with your different backgrounds, skills, personalities and stages of life. One of the wonder women we are proud to call our customer is Peta Gibson. Ms Gibson is a specialist in early childhood development, who regularly attends and presents at conferences across the world. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she is a stunning mother of five, who has developed a stylish wardrobe, proudly dominated by Johnny Was. Rocking at least one Johnny Was piece in close to every photo of her Instagram feed, even the official California label itself has deemed her a stylish woman worth following. This week we are speaking with Ms Gibson about looking after oneself, loving your wardrobe, and how Johnny Was conquered her closet. 

Judging by your Instagram feed you seem to be a bit of a globetrotter?
“Haha yes there is a bit of travel due to my studies and work overseas. I go to Europe and to America at least once a year. My husband always says that I only do it for fun (which definitely is true) but I can assure you it entails some hard work too. But mostly fun!” she says with a laugh.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
“Bubbly, easy going and colourful.”

What is your occupation?
“I specialise in infant and toddler development and run a playgroup. I also study child development in Hungary and in the United States where I attend and present at conferences on the subject every year.”

What does a normal day look like for you?
“I wake up at 5.30 am and might go for a walk (if I want to get any time for myself it has to be about this time. I’m sure many mothers can relate!). I then make A LOT of lunches…” she smiles “...before I drop the kids at school, then I work 8 am to 3 pm when I pick the kids up from school and so begins the second child-caring shift of the day!”

How would you describe your style?
“Relaxed and colourful. I love embroidery, sparkles… and things that are unique.”

Do you remember how and when you discovered Quirkee Birds and Johnny Was?
“Oh yes I do! It was years ago, back in the days when Quirkee Birds was located in Balmain. I loved dropping my kids at school and drive past Quirkee Birds’ window displays. Back then I had never been inside the shop but one day when I drove past and saw a beautiful kaftan in the window that really caught my attention. It was embroidered with flowers, and I L-O-V-E flowers! And so, I had been introduced to Johnny Was.

Did you go in and buy it?
“Of course! I have so many now but I still have, and wear that first one, to this day. And it still looks great!”

What is it about Johnny Was that you love so much?
“I love the embroidery, colours and details. It never goes out of style and the quality is amazing! They are so unique and you feel special when wearing them. The range of silk, rayon and cottons are so good - I find the rayon especially good in this season when the temperature changes a lot.”.

Also, the patterns are really good. Especially in my life having kids around me at all times and getting paint on me etc. They wash and wear so well too. And they require NO IRONING! she exclaims with a smile. All I have to do is throw it in the washing machine on a delicate program and dry it on a hanger and I’m good to go!”

What would you like to tell women around you and out there?
“Know who you are and be happy with it. You can always find something good in everything, especially if you like what you wear!” she says with a wink.

“I used to spend all my money on dressing my kids. They all looked amazing while I didn’t really care about what I wore myself. Then I started thinking “Is this what I want my kids to see as their mother? After all, you can’t look after someone else if you don’t look after yourself. So when I started to work and make my own money again I started to look after myself more and I found Johnny Was which I love. Now I have so many of them and love looking into my wardrobe!”

Have you been styled at Quirkee Birds? How would you describe the experience?
“Many times! You get great help. It never feels like a formula, everyone is very genuine and truly cares about you. Every time I’ve been to Quirkee Birds, the staff go above and beyond.”

What makes you come back?
“I love it here, I know I always find something I like. And you feel like you’re part of a family. Like most people nowadays I am very time poor, so I really enjoy that I can trust in getting customised service from staff who have gotten to know me over the years. Who know my style, what I like and what I look good in and can help suggest new pieces for me. It makes my life so much easier.”

Thank you so much, Ms Gibson, for your kind words, and for taking time off your busy schedule to be interviewed!

You can follow Peta on Instagram on @peta.gibson

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