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Make the blouse your outfit centerpiece with 0039 Italy

by Felicia Pettersson | July 26, 2017
Make the blouse your outfit centerpiece with 0039 Italy

Once upon a time a German label surprised the world by relieving blouses from their conservative stereotype image. With over 15 years of continuous accomplishments now represented in renowned stores across 50 countries, 0039 Italy has grown into an ongoing success story that, with its unforgettable blouse designs, has proudly claimed its place on Quirkee Birds racks. This week I am in Europe to find out more about this luxurious label.

The story of 0039 Italy began in the year 2000, when the founders Rachid and Aysen Bitzer Bourak travelled to Italy and a simple beach blouse designed out of necessity, soon became further developed and grew into a collection.

Exclusively produced in Europe with the finest Italian fabrics, this label speaks to the hearts of women across all ages and backgrounds; from businesswomen and top executives, mothers and fashion VIPs to young hipster girls.

Aysen Bitzer Bourak, co-founder, business woman, mother of two and fashionista describes their collections:

“The radiating appeal of the blouse and the unrivalled formation into a statement piece is omnipresent at 0039 Italy. A liberating blow to conservative stuffiness. Energetic colors and inspiring patterns on the world’s most exquisite materials are my guiding themes in doing so, casualness is created through cool cuts, oversize forms and applications in love with details”.

I agree with her and as I delve further into the collections, I recognise the feminine rock star attitude that 0039 Italy has managed to embody through its fabrics, patterns and shapes. And somehow the effortlessly cool attitude is renewed in each collection and every creative design.

The subtle romanticism and delicate refinement of multifaceted blouse styles keeps astonishing me as I flick through lookbook after lookbook. The range is abundantly diverse and trying on a piece gives you a sensation of quality that gets under your skin and makes you glow!

It’s sophisticated. Classic. Fashionable. Multi-coloured and Mediterranean.

And lucky Bowral has just got a sizzling hot new arrival of this label in store, so if you’re curious about how good you’ll look in some 0039 Italy threads on your body, hurry in because sizes are limited and we wouldn’t like you to miss out.


X Felicia