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Look dressed, feel naked!

by Felicia Pettersson | August 15, 2017
Look dressed, feel naked!

There is nothing like wearing 100% silk. 
"It reminds me of the feeling of ocean breeze softly caressing the skin of your body when standing barefoot on a summer warm beach.” That’s how one of our customers poetically describes what she thinks wearing Go Silk feels like. And we couldn’t agree more! Imagine wearing that feeling the whole day. Mm-mmm! 
Let’s get the spring feeling on and take a look at the New York born brand; Go Silk!

Go Silk was founded 1977 when Jerry Hirsch, a creative businessman and filmmaker, started a sportswear business together with a silk manufacturer. His ambition was to turn the common favourite garments, such as sweatshirts and jeans, into elegant and luxurious fashion pieces using natural fibres and the highest quality trims and finishes, with pure silk at the core of it all.

The spontaneous vibe that the label was known for in the 80’s resonates with women of today who enjoy its relaxed look, loves the simplicity of its washability, and seeks seasonless, effortless dressing with an extraordinary quality that lasts.

Sofia Londero says: “Go Silk expresses the cool, feminine and sexy spirit in you, yet it is sophisticated enough to convey a sense of style conscious maturity. That’s why I have customers across all ages that love its relaxed, bohemian style and that extraordinary ability to look dressed and feel naked.” She laughs and adds: “In the best way imaginable!”


Fresh arrivals of Go Silk now available in our Rozelle store!
Welcome in to try the feeling! And remember, with the ease of machine washable* silk there is no need for the regular and tedious dry cleaning otherwise necessary!
Below is a taster of what is in store! Hurry in, sizes are limited!!!

* use washing bag and only wash on delicate wash programmes