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Last stop: Paris - Getting to know the label indy & cold

by Felicia Pettersson | September 15, 2017
Last stop: Paris - Getting to know the label indy & cold

My Europe trip has come to an end, and this week we are taking a look at Spanish designer indi & cold, which has just showcased their latest collection at the prestigious expo Who’s Next, in Paris - my last visit before heading back to Aus. So who are indi & cold? Where do they get their inspiration? And what makes Quirkee Birds stylist Steph like this label so much?

While the warmth of spring (and summer?!) is returning to Sydney, it is getting cold in the European streets. This is the time when the leading international fashion retailers and designers gather at Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre in Paris for one of the continent’s largest fashion trade shows for women's RTW (Ready To Wear) labels in Europe.

Paris, France

One of the proud exhibitors is indi & cold, a creative streetwear label from San Sebastian in Spain. It is now 26 years since Diego and Gonzalo Santaolalla dived in the fashion world on their own. They established the companies Indiwoman by Individual and Cold Alaska in their respective devotion to transmit a lifestyle philosophy based on naturalness and quality. Five years ago, the two companies merged and formed indi & cold. With both founders at the management helm they set sail with Cristina Villar as creative director of the new enterprise.

Photo: indi & cold

“To embody our restlessness and desires we decided to set course towards a new adventure; a company that would have a strong sense of family and, above all, of the team: the indi team. Our roots are inevitably linked to the city of San Sebastian, a city with history, tradition and great beauty. That is why in our view, fashion goes beyond trends. This is a voyage of discovery to find a feminine, impeccable and unique fashion”.  

San Sebastian, Spain

Today, with the Spanish resort town San Sebastian as the figurehead of the brand, indi & cold has become an international benchmark with presence in a majority of European countries as well as in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

indi & cold draws inspiration from nostalgic English heritage country living, nature’s neutral colours with seasonal colour pops mixed with tomboy tendencies and indie feels.


New arrival in store! Photo: Rozelle

I ask Stephanie, our stylist back at Quirkee Birds;
Steph, you work with a vast range of brands, what makes you an indi & cold fan? 

“Many things!, she smiles. “For starters; their designs have nicely fitted seams that create a flattering, yet relaxed shape. They use creative colouring on a variety of cottons and other fabrics. And they offer an excellent price point!”

That, my friends, is a wrap of my European trip for this time! Thanks for following! 
Thank you to all the lovely brands that welcomed me and my questions or in other ways contributed to the blog the last three months.
x Felicia

Welcome into our Rozelle and Bowral stores for the our latest arrival of indi & cold! Hurry in as they are selling fast!
Happy Weekend beautiful people, here is a sneak peek.

New arrival in store! Photo: Rozelle

Hero image: indi & cold. Who's Next, Paris