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How the cargo pant spurred the inception of a label we just love

by Felicia Pettersson | February 9, 2018
How the cargo pant spurred the inception of a label we just love

Why does style have to be so damn uncomfortable?! Well it doesn’t actually.
Mr Van Huller had an idea.

Sometimes you wake up with an idea that you do not know exactly where it comes from, but you know it's something big. That is what happened to René van Huffel, who worked as a plasterer, but always had a great passion for style. The idea was to ​​create a comfortable, yet stylish version of the cargo pant. The pants became an incredible success and a complete collection had to be born.

At BRAEZ comfort is on a pedestal. The designs are easily portable and easy to combine. Whether you're looking for the comfy answer to a little black dress or a long T-shirt in the finest stretch, BRAEZ provides comfort and ease for any moment.

Almost twenty years on, the Amsterdam line keeps designing clothes that meet the comfort, convenience and style of a royal. Ever since the beginning, van Huffel has been in charge of BRAEZ and his collections prove that you can go straight to your daily workout or out to the beach or to your favorite club in comfort as outstanding as the silhouette.

Ready for some new long term favourites clothing for your wardrobe?

The latest collection of BRAEZ is now in our beautiful, freshly painted Bowral store! Below is a sneak peek, much more in store!
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