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How Cat Hammill elevates any travel outfit

by Felicia Pettersson | June 14, 2017
How Cat Hammill elevates any travel outfit

What signifies a perfect travel outfit?

Asking styling expert, Sofia Londero, the answer is short and straight to point: “Feel comfy, look styled”It's not always an easy task to achieve, thus this week we reveal a great addition to any outfit that ensures that you travel in style, even in the most comfortable wear.

I'm on my way to Europe when I meet Sophie, a fashionable, French mother, who embodies the perfect travel outfit and beautifully demonstrates the answer to this week’s question. Wearing a stunning Cat Hammill necklace, Sophie certainly stood out from the bland and tired travelling crowd at Singapore airport, looking effortlessly stylish.

I love this necklace,” she says running her fingers across the necklace beads with a smile. ”I bought it when I visited my daughter in Australia but I somehow lost it early on the trip. Devastated, I just had to get a new one. Now I am wearing it travelling back to France making sure I have it on me at all times. I love it because it looks so good with everything I wear and it always makes me feel dressed up”.

Cat Hammill jewellery is the result of a Melbourne born designer who, in 2008, began to create the pieces she couldn’t find in stores for herself. Her designs quickly gained traction and very early on the journey the label was accepted into the Quirkee Birds stores. With positive and inspirational engravings on every piece, Cat wants to pass on her affirmation “Dreams do come true” as they have for her. Reflecting a casual lifestyle and drawing inspiration from travels and experiences in Australia and overseas, Cat Hammill pieces range from sporty to effortlessly dressed.

Early recognising the brand’s potential, with its rare and unique designs, Quirkee Birds owner Sofia Londero embraced the label into the stores and has watched the brand grow into the incredibly popular label it is today.

“I keep very few Australian designers in the stores, only the ones that truly stand out from the rest and that provides the edgy look that our customers love. Cat Hammill has certainly maintained that status throughout the years. It is my go-to when it comes to finishing any outfit, and when travelling it is especially powerful as the silver details brighten up the look. It’s fun, stylish, versatile, affordable and of very high quality.”


Sophie is wearing the Tibetan Ball Necklace from Cat Hammill’s latest collection, now in both Quirkee Birds stores. 
Her shoes are perfectly matched by the silver in the necklace which also beautifully contrasts her lovely marine blue blouse while the beige leather details balance well with her comfy yet well fitted pants. A perfect travel outfit which is comfortable yet timelessly stylish.

Here is a sneak peek at the latest collection currently in store. Welcome in to find your own piece of Cat Hammill jewellery, making almost any outfit stylish and travel ready.

x Felicia