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Forget jewellery, it’s all about your waist!

by Felicia Pettersson | May 4, 2017
Forget jewellery, it’s all about your waist!

Well. Of course we all love a beautiful piece of jewellery, and one should not underestimate the power of a well-matched piece, but this week we want to shed light on an accessory that way too often is left out in the cold when it comes to completing an outfit. (Or rather; in the darkest depths of the wardrobe). We’re talking about… your belt.

We’re catching Quirkee Birds owner and stylist Sofia Londero between appointments with international fashion designer agents where she is in the midst of sourcing next year’s exciting collections for the Quirkee Birds stores.

We ask her; “What is your top tip on completing an outfit and adding that little extra stand-out-edge?”
Without hesitation she lets us in on her secret;

 “Forget about jewellery, get yourself a b.belt.”

She explains; Of course jewellery is important, but if you really want to stand out, a well-selected belt can elevate your entire look. It demonstrates that you think and care about all details, not just the standard accessories like shoes, bags and jewellery. And more interestingly; that you, like so many other women we admire in life, dare to go outside the usual frames of expectations. A belt can, and should, be used as a statement.

So what is so special about a b.belt? we ask, and without missing a beat she responds;

Quality, detail, craftmanship and being unique in its style.
First of all, any good belt starts with the leather. By now I'm sure you're aware of my passion fo quality, right?
she says with a laugh before continuing;

b. belts is a German family run company that has been around for over 100 years. Just that in itself I find a mind tickling anecdote that makes me proud to wear mine. But more importantly, they exclusively use first class leather from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany that is especially made for them to ensure that each belt lasts forever while remaining as soft as gloves. Then each belt passes through the hands of 25 workers being carefully hand crafted and studded at their factory in Germany.

The details, quality and feel of each belt are amazing and you really notice the craftsmanship and their passion for what they do in the details. That's why I believe they are classics that never go out of fashion. They are so stylish and simply fabulous and I am very proud to be one of very few stockists in Australia of this beautiful label.

Oh, time's up! Sorry, my next meeting is about to start!

We thank Sofia for fitting us into her hectic schedule and she takes a last sip of her coffee before hurrying out with a smile and fashionably disappearing into the huzzle and buzzle.


So what have we learnt? Bring your belts out of the darkness of your wardrobe!
Don't have a b. belt? Or, you do, but want to comlement your collection with a new, fresh gem from our latest arrival? Welcome in to our Rozelle store and learn how you can complete your outfit with a belt and experience what it's like to wear leather stitched and studded with 100 years of European craftmanship.

And psst... with Mothers Day around the corner, what could be a better present than a useful piece of uncompromised quality, style and beauty to reflect her personality and that has the power to complete her every outfit?

See you in store!