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Enjoy life and stay unique with Dutch label Yaya

by Felicia Pettersson | July 31, 2017
Enjoy life and stay unique with Dutch label Yaya

I am in Europe covering some of Quirkee Birds’s most loved labels, and this week I am throwing a sunlit glance at Netherlands. From this forward-thinking country, known for its pushbike-filled cities, delightful cheese shops and painted wooden shoes, comes Yaya, one of Quirkee Birds highly sought after store labels. Follow me as I uncover their story and style!

The year was 1992 when humor, positive atmosphere and a passion for business turned into a unique streetwear label that to this day, 25 years on, continues to satisfy wearers and fashion influencers across the globe. Run on “love, laughter and strong coffee”, this beautiful, minimalistic label has established a brand that breathes an authenticity and impressive quality that makes for a great foundation in every woman’s wardrobe.

With a simple but rare style that offers a range of vintage and industrial vibes and a hint of beach life, Yaya collections brings out the free spirit in you and a fun, charming cheerfulness. Both feminine and edgy, or nonchalantly casual with a feminine twist, you always feel stylish as well as comfortable with this label on your body.

While being a brand proudly sourcing its inspiration from experiences and treasures collected on global travel adventures, Yaya believes that there is no place like home. Something I think most of us can relate to, no matter what level of travel we enjoy. And so, as I walk down the sun warmed cobble rocked roads of this beautiful continent, I can’t help sending a thought to my beloved Australia where winter is currently dominating.

Brighten up the Aussie winter by experiencing our latest Bowral arrival of Yaya - this unique, Dutch brand that, with minimalistic simplicity and enthusiastic passion, encourages appreciation for life. Whether it’d be the small things at home, a great international adventure or just a wonderful piece of clothing with clean lines and effortless style that makes you look incredible.

Enjoy life and stay unique!

x Felicia