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Embrace your ageless spirit with Nolita

by Felicia Pettersson | July 5, 2017
Embrace your ageless spirit with Nolita

Born almost 20 years ago in fashion capital country Italy, Nolita has taken the world, including the Quirkee Birds racks, by storm. With its romantic-rock, boho-chic and urban-retro style, this bold brand never misses a chance to renew itself and create astonishing collections. ''...and that’s why you can trust Nolita will make you look outstanding'', Sofia says.

Experimenting by blending different styles, patterns, fabrics and approaches to aesthetics, Nolita stays ageless and encourages free spirits, reflecting a lifestyle where nothing is predicted and dreams can come true.

''Nolita garments transmit sensuality, passion, confidence and a young spirit’’, Sofia says. "It's Italian cut and the fit is amongst the best" she says when I ask what she thinks makes this label so popular among our Quirkee Birds customers. ''The quality is great and they are very innovative with their mix of styles and fabrics. It makes the label easy to like and there is always something for everyone’’ she continues.

This brand is for the courageous and curious woman who values her heritage but isn’t afraid of exploring new aspects of herself. As such, Nolita women are ageless, amusing and non-conformist, with a sense of humour that lets them see the world from different perspectives.

The identity and uniqueness of each item comes from a fusion of experience and latest trends, creating an innovative style with its own particular character.

So dare to be different, bring out the rock romantic in you and embrace your ageless spirit with this exciting label! Welcome in to try our latest arrival of Nolita, now in our Bowral store.

Be curious, be boho, wear Nolita!

x Felicia