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Demand attention with handmade Italian jackets from Delan leather

by Felicia Pettersson | July 19, 2017
Demand attention with handmade Italian jackets from Delan leather

For over 40 years, Delan leather has impressed designers and consumers across the global streetwear scene. For 4 of those years, they have enriched and elevated outfits for our stunning Quirkee Birds’ customers. Here’s a little bit about what makes this label so interesting.

Born from a family trade, this extraordinary brand from Florence, Italy, was handed down from father Angelo Del Luca to his three sons Davide, Fabio and Valerio who, very successfully, have managed to combine the traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs that keep astonishing both wearers and viewers.

“Feel how soft it is! This is a jacket for life!”, Sofia exclaims as she is showing me a beautiful piece from the latest collection that just arrived. “Delan makes incredible leather that will give you a lot of great attention. The fit is amazing and it just makes you stand out!’’

Washed and waxed with special treatments, Delan leather achieves timeless designs with details and a craftsmanship that amazes each and every day you wear it. ''All Delan garments have the authentic value of handmade leather entirely made in Italy’’ Sofia explains.

The brand new collection from this eclectic label, now in our Bowral store, is inspired by Havana on Cuba, the Island that encloses the heart of the Caribbean. In this colour palette we find - except the timeless black, brown and blue - the grey, sand and iris blue, reflecting the unforgettable sea and sand colours of Cuba beaches.

Striking colour, fantastic leather quality and eclectic, artistic lining make each piece stand out and demand attention to its wearer. In other words, perfectly eligible to fit the Quirkee Birds label family.

Welcome to our Bowral store and explore who you will become in Delan leather and let the jacket demand the attention you rightfully deserve!

x Felicia