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Cool and quirky women at Quirkee Birds' chrissy shopping night

by Felicia Pettersson | December 22, 2017
Cool and quirky women at Quirkee Birds' chrissy shopping night

Yesterday was filled to the brim with Christmas celebrations here at the Quirkee Birds store in Rozelle. The wheel of surprises was spinning, christmas music pumping, bubbles flowing, styling was performed, shopping was made and cheese, crackers and strawberries were thoroughly enjoyed throughout. As we’d really like you - the amazing people in our Quirkee Birds community - to be inspired by each other, we took the opportunity to get to know some of the beautiful customers that were amongst it.

Beverly is a edgy, stylish woman who teaches art history and English for highschool students. Cassie, a young and vibrant woman who is a preschool educator likes a bit of gypsy and flow in her wardrobe, while Susan, a gorgeous freelance editor doesn't mind a good piece of Johnny Was. Here is a summary of our quick interview with them.

How would you describe your style?
Cassie: “I am very Boho. I like a little bit of gypsy and flowy, easy going material - rich and natural fabrics. I love Johnny Was, Desigual and European Culture. Flairy but not too loud. I wear a lot of safe colours and let the shape and details do the expressive, colourful part.”
Beverly: “My style is very eclectic, I’d say… and old bohemian.”
Susan: “Not sure how I’d describe my style, but my favourite designer is Johnny Was!”

Susan, local freelance editor

Beverly, do you remember how and when you discovered Quirkee Birds?
“Oh my god!” she exclaims and searches in her mind. “When did the store open? Guess it must be about 10 years ago now. You’ve always had great window displays. I walked in and just loved it. “

Cassie, what are two things that you are proud of?
“I am proud of who I am!” she says with a beaming smile. “...and that I am generous with my friends!”

What motivates you, Susan?
“Work challenges and problem solving.”

How do you find being styled at Quirkee Birds?
Susan: “I’ve been styled by Steph, Belinda and Sofia in the Rozelle store. They’re wonderful. They definitely know what they are doing!”

What does style mean to you, Beverly?
“It’s gotta be comfortable and flow well, but it also has to have an edge!”

Beverly teaches art history and English at highschool

What have you found in store today that you like?
Beverly: “I love, love, love that linen throw by Estilo Emporio! I have been staring at it since yesterday, it’s an absolutely gorgeous piece!”

What makes you happy?
Cassie: “My family, my friends and my job.”
Susan: “I love cats.”

What inspires you?
Cassie: “Art, children, theatre, interesting people, good music, yoga and meditation all inspire me. And people and organisations that help others.”

What do you do to treat yourself?
Cassie: “I go buy clothes and jewelry. I also like going to the gym and to do yoga.”
Susan: “I go shopping in Rozelle.”

Beatiful linen throw by Italian Estilo Emporio, 
currently is Beverly's favourite piece in store.

What is your favourite QB outfit?
Cassie: “Some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are the Quirkee Birds items I’ve bought that people always comment on when I wear. There are a few of them; one is a black top with holes that I love. It’s by an Italian designer that I can't remember the name of. Another couple of Quirkee Birds favourites I have, are a grey-blue top with sequences and an black dress that I have had for a long time.”

How would you like to encourage women around you and out there?
Cassie: “I’d like to encourage them to not be judgemental and accept people for who they are, even when they are being difficult. To be a supportive human being…”
Susan: “I’d like them to like, respect and look after themselves.”

What makes you come back to Quirkee Birds?
Susan: “The clothes, haha!” she says with a laugh. “But it’s not just the shopping, it’s the social aspect too. It’s very friendly in this area and I usually pop in here when I walk past, and not uncommonly I end up buying something.”
Cassie: “The colours and materials are beautiful. I'm a local and they have gotten to know me. Sofia is very kind and looks after people, she always organises store events with presents, champagne and cheeses. I always bring my friends here!”

Cassie is inspired by art, children, the theatre and yoga (and more).

Do you have a favourite summer song that you’d recommend for good mood?
: “Justin Timberlake - sunshine in in my pocket!”

And with that, we thank Cassie, Susan and Beverly for taking the time to answer our curious questions and we wish them and you a wonderful Christmas with lots of love, peace and good food! Put on a good song and enjoy the holidays!

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