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7 questions answered in exclusive interview with Odd Molly's Head of Design, Anna Bonnevier

by Felicia Pettersson | August 24, 2017
7 questions answered in exclusive interview with Odd Molly's Head of Design, Anna Bonnevier

Ever wondered who that Molly, in Odd Molly, is?
The story started in 2002 (and continues to live on!) about a skating girl in Venice Beach in the 80's, named Molly. By challenging the conventions and following her heart, she became Odd Molly's eternal muse. Today this unique and inspiring label is located in about 30 countries around the world and by the end of 2016, Odd Molly had 107 employees across Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the USA. 

This week I am in Stockholm to talk to Odd Molly’s Head of Design, Anna Bonnevier, about the story of the label and their latest collection.

Anna Bonnevier, Head of Design at Odd Molly
was born in the Stockholm archipelago.

Beautiful view of Stockholm, Sweden, where Odd Molly has their headquarters.

1. What is it that makes Odd Molly such a unique brand?

I believe it's the high quality, the colors and patterns, the natural materials and all the unique hand-crafted details.

2. What do you think makes Odd Molly so popular?

The company is genuine and based on a true story. A company with "a heart, a mind and a conscience". The story is about a skating girl named Molly in Venice Beach in the 80's. By daring to challenge the conventions and to follow her heart, she became Odd Molly's eternal muse, whose joy of life and strength to make her own path, permeates each and every step we take. Molly is Odd Molly's soul; Her courage and values are represented throughout everything we do.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?

I am very inspired by the muse behind the brand, called Molly. She is a strong girl who dares to go her own way and is loyal her own style. We are also looking for new "Mollys" to be inspired by and we want to inspire more people to dare to believe in themselves and feel comfortable in our design.

4. Do you have any interesting anecdotes about the Spring/Summer collection?

In preparation for the creation of the spring collection, the design team went to Topanga outside LA to meet a very inspiring girl from Sweden. She lives there to do as much as she can to save the wild horses in California. Her completely unique style and charisma really inspired me and the design team in the making of this spring/summer 2017 collection.

5. Has Odd Molly changed in style or tone during its 15 years of life? If so, what's different between now and then?

Odd Molly is constantly evolving over time. We like diversity and the collection includes everything from laced jersey garments to beautiful dresses with colours and patterns. Knitting is in our DNA and is our signum. We find it very exciting that so many people now choose to dress more seasonally.

6. What are you most proud of today?

That we have made a journey and we have worked hard to build a lifestyle concept. We have broadened our range with more product groups; everything from home, shoes, bath, underwear, sports and so on.

7. What’s your best styling tip?

At Odd Molly we like to dress layer on layer. Feel free to put a singlet outside the t-shirt or put a dress over jeans. Dare to play with the seasons and dare to wear the "wrong" garments, and it will look great.


Head into our Rozelle store today to take a look at the latest Odd Molly collection,
inspired by the Swede who saves wild horses in California.
Have fun and experiment with colours, styles and patterns and unleash the Molly in you!

x Felicia