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3 reasons why cashmere is key to happiness (and Alessandra delivers)

by Felicia Pettersson | June 1, 2017
3 reasons why cashmere is key to happiness (and Alessandra delivers)

Alessandra, founded by creative director Sandra Brand, has been creating luxury cashmere for women of the world for over a decade. Quirkee Birds brought the Melbourne designer label onto the racks at an early stage and it quickly established a strong position in the store. Loving the comfort, quality and unique designs of Alessandra’s collections, our customers eagerly await the new arrivals of the label, year after year. Today we are delving into one of Alessandra’s many secrets to repeatedly reaching the hearts of Quirkee Birds customers.

“Alessandra’s cashmere collection is the key to happiness” star stylist Steph says with a semi-serious smile. “It is just one of those things that once you wear it, you don’t want anything else.


1. The feeling on your skin

Instead of being cut, like wool (that consists of sheep fur fibers with loose ends) cashmere is made out of a goat’s finest undercoat hair, which is soft and downy and brushed off the animal’s coat before spun into yarn. Therefore it usually doesn’t itch the skin, but instead, softly caresses it as you move through your day.

2. It keeps you warm

Cashmere goats live in the midst of cool, dry highland climates, commonly in China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and India. While sheep wool contains lanolin, a skin oil that sheep produce to help keep warm and dry, cashmere goats’ winter undercoat of fine downy hair is warm, fluffy and cosy - perfect to protect skin from the winter elements.

3. It lets your skin breath

Being a natural fiber it doesn’t make you as sticky hot as some artificial fibers sometimes do. It keeps you nice and warm while letting your skin breath. The best of two worlds, really!

The cashmere yarn used to create the Alessandra pieces is sourced from the fields of inner Mongolia, and the precious silky thread is the second cut fleece from the underbelly of the baby goat, where the purest of cashmere sits.  For the more price conscious person, Alessandra has also developed Ali, a collection using a mix of wool and cashmere.

“But not to forget,” Steph adds, “Alessandra is also beautifully designed! Characterized by an empowerment philosophy, every Alessandra collection is intelligent, curious and feminine. So it’s not just comfortable to wear, it looks lovely on, always with some quirky details like a star or an interesting color added to the mix.”

Tip: If wool makes you itchy, even when wearing something underneath it, it may be the lanolin that you are having a reaction to. While all bodies are different, most people can enjoy cashmere due to the softness of the down and the absence of lanolin and cut, course hair fibers.

Welcome into our Rozelle store to explore our Alessandra range and experience the cashmere feeling for yourself!