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3 great styling tips on how to buy and wear hats this summer

by Felicia Pettersson | September 29, 2017
3 great styling tips on how to buy and wear hats this summer

It’s not just a great (and important!) way to protect yourself from the sun. The hat is considered the new way to make a fashion statement! And if you want your feathers to stand out from all the other birds’, you need a statement piece that extends your personality and elevates your outfit. That's why we this week are sharing some of the secrets to make the hat work for you. We also take a little look at internationally renowned Australian headwear experts; Rigon.

I am sure you've noticed how fashion hats can significantly change the way you look. Your face is the first thing most people notice about you, and a beautiful hat will accentuate their first impression of you. That's why wearing a hat that complements your personal style and face shape will help you feel confident to give off a fabulous impression. A hat is as individual as you are and gracefully draws the attention to the beauty of your face. Here are some tips on how to choose style.

Hat style tip #1 Size does matter

Remember this simple rule; the larger the head, the larger the hat. This may seem obvious, but many people make the mistake of wearing a hat that is not the right size, and it doesn’t look flattering. A small hat looks very odd when squeezed on a large head. Similarly, a large hat that sits halfway down a small head looks out of place and certainly isn’t stylish.

Hat style tip #2 Shape of face

Similar to sunglasses, certain types of hats (or caps) look better on some people. The height of the hat or the width of the brim should complement the shape of the face. Oval faces can pull off an angular hat with a broader brim such as the fedora. Round or heart-shaped faces look better in hats with a shorter brim.

Hat style tip #3 Choose quality

Rigon Headwear has been designing, manufacturing and retailing fashion headwear since 1959 and has a style and perfect fit for every head. Created for international fashion, by a team of Danish and Australian designers and their extensive knowledge of headwear fashion, fabrics, accessories and manufacturing techniques, Rigon Headwear is loved by fashionistas across Australia, America, South Africa and Europe, and continues to produce successful styles year after year. Rigon Headwear designs are recommended by the Cancer Council of Australia and the Skin & Cancer Foundation of Australia. And to this day they still remain a 100% Australian owned and family operated business. Yet they offer great prices with popular styles starting from as little as $39.95!

x Felicia


If you want to know more about how to best choose - and style - a hat for your features, our friendly and experienced stylists are happy to help. Right now we have brand new fabulous hat styles from Rigon Headwear, such as Before Dark & Tina M Copenhagen. So bring a friend, come in and have some fun, learn what best suits you and intensify your presence with a stunning hat this summer.